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2020 vision: Atkins CIO and CDO on his aim to transform the engineering juggernaut by 2020

Richard Cross is CIO and CDO of Atkins

2020 vision: Atkins CIO and CDO on his aim to transform the engineering juggernaut by 2020

By the start of the next decade, Richard Cross wants Atkins to move all of its systems to the cloud, and be 'digital by default'


'Fess up, Microsoft: Windows 10 is merely a rebranded Windows 8

But is that actually a bad thing?


Computing Explains: The pace of migration to the cloud

What are the realities of such a big move for your organisation?

Silhouettes of people in a boardroom

The IT Leaders 100 list

Computing's definitive list of the top UK-based CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and other IT leaders is here!


E-Day for Greece: What will Euro-exit mean for IT?

Greek referendum vote raises the risk of the country leaving the Euro - possibly within days. What will that mean for IT?


Hacking Team MD used 'Passw0rd' as password – for every system

Company that helps nefarious regimes to spy on their citizens hacked – with its lax security laid bare for all to see


Android, Windows, iOS or BlackBerry? Research reveals favourites of IT team and users

iOS and Android are the most popular yet also the most problematic mobile operating systems for IT

Office for Android phone

iOS, Android or Windows? The many choices facing enterprise app developers

Is it better to support all major platforms or specialise in one or two?

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£150m licence fee shortfall sees BBC cut 1,000 jobs and merge IT roles

IT department looks set to shrink as broadcaster has to make 'some hard choices'


Facebook CEO Zuckerberg touts artificial intelligence and virtual reality 'in the next 10 years'

'Our goal is to build AI systems that are better than humans at our primary senses' - Zuckerberg


Mapping cycling hotspots using GIS

Highways England has £100m to spend on cycling improvements - here's how it prioritises


Please stop using Microsoft Silverlight, says, err, Microsoft

Are you listening BT and Now TV? Even Microsoft thinks you should stop using it


Robot kills man at German Volkswagen plant

Human error official cause of accident


Donald Trump's hotel group investigating credit card data breach

Breach at hotels group owned by US presidential candidate Donald Trump may have first occurred six months ago


GCHQ illegally spied on Amnesty International, admits court

'What has been often presented as being the domain of despotic rulers has been done on British soil, by the British government,' said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International's secretary general

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    Computing Explains: The pace of migration to the cloud
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    Computing retail data roundtable - delegates' key take-aways
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    Building Zones: 'Winning a UK IT Industry Award is like winning an Oscar'
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    IT Leaders Summit: What is the biggest challenge facing you right now?
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DevOps Summit

Location: London, UK

Only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today’s ever-changing business environment. To be successful they need to become far more innovative whilst greatly improving velocity which can be achieved by bringing together the areas of DevOps and Business Process Management.

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Vendor Excellence Awards

Location: London, UK

These annual awards celebrate the achievements of the technology vendors and service providers who are leading the field of enterprise IT with innovative products, services and solutions that underpin and drive success in both business and public sector organisations.

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Data Centre Summit 2015

Location: London, UK

The Data Centre Summit is an annual conference that brings together over 200 CIOs and Senior IT professionals from across all industries to discuss topics such as cutting data centre costs, the impact of cloud computing on the data centre and data centre strategy to support mobility.

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