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How JustGiving CIO Richard Atkinson uses cloud, data and machine learning to offer fundraisers ‘a personal experience’

'If One Direction or Stephen Fry tweet something, we can have 10,000 visitors in ten seconds, so you need to scale quickly,' he tells Computing


Spotify: Hadoop is hot (but Hive is not)

Being based on Hadoop from the beginning has made a big difference to our ability to innovate, says Spotify's Josh Baer

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The IT Leaders 100 list

Computing's definitive list of the top UK-based CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and other IT leaders is here!


Vodafone Ireland uses network data to improve customer experience with help of Teradata

Vodafone worked with Teradata and Anderson Harvy, and is also using tools from MicroStrategy, Tableau and IBM

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Research: What do users want from the hybrid cloud?

Compliance, pricing and integration are all considerations when looking at a hybrid set-up, a Computing survey finds

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Top IT stories this week: Fat lazy integrators meet agile DevOps while Spotify sounds a single bum note on Hadoop

A round-up of Computing's seven most-read stories of the past seven days


Netflix 'grows up and moves on' with ServiceNow ITSM deployment

Netflix director of technology Ashley Sprague and senior developer Toggi Pollack explain why the video streaming service opted for ServiceNow


Flying through cloud: Helicopter firm Bristow says ServiceNow ITSM has elevated levels of service

'We've freed up the capacity to deliver,' Adil Ahmed, director of information architecture and knowledge systems, tells Computing


Volvo gives green light for 'shopping delivery to your car' service

After a successful pilot of Roam Delivery, car giant is in talks with a Swedish start-up that can keep fresh groceries cool for 24 hours

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Cloud: data portability is now the biggest headache

NetApp's Martin Warren discusses industry fears around vendor lock-in and cloud security, but argues that concern is 'dissipating'

A Panasonic ToughPad being used in the field

As the iPad reaches five years of age 'the time is right' for mobility in the NHS says Buckinghamshire NHS IT director

Device security and user acceptance are at a high enough level to enable mass adoption, says Graham Softley


How Harley-Davidson chose ServiceNow over IBM or BMC and 'liberated IT'

'The flexibility and ease of use of the ServiceNow platform stood out,' Harley-Davidson systems manager Jim Keene tells Computing at Knowledge 15


System integrator market is ‘huge, fat and lazy’ – Specsavers CIO

Quality of service from systems integrators is at an all-time low, says Phil Pavitt

ServiceNow CEO Frank Slootman

Enterprise innovation 'stuck in the 1970s' but 'ServiceNow out to change that' says CEO Frank Slootman

Slootman kicks off Knowledge 15 by arguing enterprise tools need to be as innovative as consumer tools like Uber, and execs unveil ServiceNow's new app store

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    Building Zones: 'Winning a UK IT Industry Award is like winning an Oscar'
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    IT Leaders Summit: What is the biggest challenge facing you right now?
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    IT Leaders Summit: The delegates' key takeaways
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Data portability – the missing piece in the hybrid cloud puzzle

Location: Your Computer, UK

The arguments for cloud are well understood, especially for public cloud services, but one aspect of cloud that tends to get overlooked is the data itself. Join our expert panel as we discuss how to make sure your data is truly portable across all the environments you use.

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Next generation firewalls: What are they, and why do you need one?

Location: Your Computer, UK

Firewalls are becoming so sophisticated, many companies are now marketing so-called “next generation” solutions. But what is a next generation firewall, why does your organisation need one, and how seamless is the transition to using one? Register to hear Intel Security provide some answers.

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Successful SIEM integration: Why, what, how, and where

Location: Your Computer, UK

A hugely important piece of today’s security puzzle is SIEM – security information and event management. With both software and managed service options, understanding the benefits and intricacies is key to successful adoption. In this video, Intel Security spills the beans on best practice in SIEM.

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