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Microsoft launches Windows 10 – world rejoices etc


Microsoft launches Windows 10 – world rejoices etc

No surprises in store, but much relief all round


Chief digital officer – Who, what, why, when, where, how?

Going 'digital' is a popular mantra, but organisations see the scope of the digital leader differently, Sooraj Shah investigates

Silhouettes of people in a boardroom

The IT Leaders 100 list

Computing's definitive list of the top UK-based CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and other IT leaders is here!


From Fortran to Swift: The world's most important programming languages

The fine art of telling machines what to do, from 1957 to 2015


Is Windows 10 really 'the most secure Windows ever', as Microsoft claims?

Windows acquired a terrible reputation for security with Windows 95, 98, ME and XP. But how much more secure for enterprise is Windows 10?


Mighty Morphin' Brand Management: How Saban supercharged an international web context expansion

Months of work was completed in just three weeks thanks to what the firm learned during the tendering process

Google Glass is now available for prescription lens wearers

Google is distributing an enterprise edition of Google Glass

Better battery life and improved wireless connectivity are some improvements made to a new version targeted at industry

Licence to audit

Oracle accused by rival of 'brutish' sales tactics to prevent customer defections

'Breach notices' issued to users by Oracle's compliance department intended to keep customers in line, claim Oracle's rivals


Top IT stories this week: Surface Pro 4, Windows 10 and the Large Hadron Collider

The most popular stories on Computing this week. Come and get 'em!

US President Barack Obama

Obama wants world's fastest supercomputer by 2025

US wants to take back the top spot from China, with a machine that would aid scientific research and national security projects

HP Windows 10

The power of free: Windows 10 running on 14 million PCs within 24 hours of launch

Fourteen million early adopters shrug off privacy and bug fears to install Windows 10


Backlash grows over privacy in 'freemium' Windows 10

Microsoft to Hoover up user data linked to unique user IDs and sell information to advertisers, warn privacy campaigners


United Airlines breached by Chinese hackers behind OPM cyber attack - report

Information about passengers using world's second-largest airline now thought to be in the hands of hackers


Government claws back £129m from BT as UK superfast broadband target looks set to be exceeded

Clawback clause invoked as take-up of FTTP/FTTC exceeds expectations, money to be used to fund other rollout plans


Kremlin-backed hackers used Twitter to breach US government systems

FireEye claims Russian hackers are using Twitter to steal data in almost 'undetectable' attacks

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Data Centre Summit 2015

Location: London, UK

The Data Centre Summit is an annual conference that brings together over 200 CIOs and Senior IT professionals from across all industries to discuss topics such as cutting data centre costs, the impact of cloud computing on the data centre and data centre strategy to support mobility.

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Internet of Things Summit

Location: London, UK

The Internet of Things presents a huge opportunity for businesses, public authorities and consumers alike. This Computing Summit will explore the benefits and pitfalls of everything the Internet of Things has to offer, including real-world example from people at the cutting edge of the movement.

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Identity and Access Management Summit

Location: London, UK

The Identity and Access Management Summit is a leading annual conference, aiming to bring together over 200 senior IT professionals from across all industries. The event will cover topics such as: building a modern IAM strategy, investing in encryption technologies, developing best approaches for mobile access management, or gaining insights into the future of privacy.

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